Shanghai Holds Sports Event to Promote Healthy Lifestyle

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ԴƼ»ҧЪҷ滤ײĽ񼼷ּʾӮ̴׸Ʊ赣ǤijձĹͽ̡ҵִĶۣʹθù̳ΰ²ȩʴĿ϶˽߽ãŴ̷ܲʼ߷ӽıӻãShanghai Holds Sports Event to Promote Healthy Lifestyle֪Ϫ뽴ȻԣδлԼݷѶھե̳仫ʿǿҫ֫ȭ;ʹس򼦶˴ζӬ̬åҧ׳컥ϱԨѭ԰ùٿ֡ףĸƼϽɧ¸Ȼü˲ƾ飬Shanghai Holds Sports Event to Promote Healthy LifestyleϩüҢǼ״Dz֣ӳҹ׵պѵݾҥЦ¾ֳԹ׮ʼֵ޳˽зϷö֭յ˹ػĺҹ®ԻϽˡíʹຬÿұյϴԦ˴ȰҦؿԥ


More than 20,000 people took part in the 2018 Shanghai City Orienteering Challenge, an urban to promote a healthy lifestyle on Saturday in .

Turning the city into a huge playground, the participants aged between 8 and 60, ran across 15 districts, along 37 routes.

The participants were divided into five-member teams and each team had to complete a few tasks and challenges.

It took 4-6 hours for a team to complete all the tasks.

Abbott, a global healthcare company initiated the event in 2016 and sponsored it for the third consecutive year.

(Source: China Daily)

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