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Activities Held to Prepare Students for National College Ent

Various activities were held to help students decompress and be better prepared for the coming national college entrance exams in Hengshui City, north China...

Dec-16 11:16

Chinese Vice Premier Stresses Importance of Fair College Ent

Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan emphasized fairness Tuesday as she inspected preparation for the annual national college entrance exam (the gaokao)....

Dec-16 11:16

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Four Decades of College Dreams

One of the most important events accompanying the start of the reform and opening-up policy was the restoration of the national college entrance exam, also...

Dec-16 11:16

Shanghai Holds Int'l Student Conference on Environment and

More than 300 university students from 30 countries and regions attended the International Student Conference in Shanghai Tuesday, marking World Environment Day....

Dec-16 11:16