Preparatory Work for a Smooth Gaokao in S China

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As the national college entrance examination approaches, Party secretary Zheng Renhao led a delegation to review the city's contingency plans and support services in preparation for the annual academic testing event on June 5.

The national college entrance examination, also known as the in China, takes place from June 7 to 9 every year. It is a prerequisite for entrance into almost all higher education institutions. The exam is considered one of the most competitive tests for Chinese students and a crucial benchmark in their lives.

Zheng's first stop was Zhanjiang No 1 High School. He toured the school and acquainted himself with the operation of the monitoring system, the confidentiality of the rooms that store test papers before the , and the training of examiners. The dormitory and canteens were also checked to make sure students are well rested and fed.

At a symposium later, Zheng questioned local education, meteorology, traffic, power supply, typhoon prevention, telecommunication, and sanitation authorities about their preparatory work for the exam. These departments had joined forces to crack down on cheating and provide an ideal examination environment for students.

Zheng discovered that all the preparatory work had been done. This year, the city is likely to face a typhoon during the examination period. Relevant authorities were urged to draft contingency plans and carry out maneuvers to make sure that the examination goes smoothly.



(Source: China Daily)