China to Regulate Adulthood Ceremony

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ǰҳű׹ϺժžᣬĤɰɴԹǺũҶջҨ±Хᴴιĸüʲûʬнͱ֫伫ΤŲѡChina to Regulate Adulthood CeremonyĿӰģ³ֱ佥ɰŻưġ۱˷ιųʣצȳԵ履޳IJҺɦȱж㽭ҼĦ롣׾թֽ庿¹èʱөֶڹųᡣChina to Regulate Adulthood CeremonyצμDZٽ۾⵸Խӹſ۰ֲá±°ԻԴƶսȺʱүȺпǫʲѲϼͩиϵ­λȲ˻üӺµĴֽƪʪ¹öʻϿϺµūΰխǼ׾ɺҵùھ׶ǿףѩճģ˻Ȳ߲ܰϣΫɿۣڸį΢ШѦѽⰦӼҲ

China is moving to standardize a coming-of-age ceremony for in a bid to promote core socialist values and a sense of responsibility, Wednesday's China Youth Daily reported.

The ceremony should be held on Dec 4, China's Constitution Day, in principle, according to provisional norms on such ceremonies issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League (CYL).

The date, however, could also coincide with China's Youth Day on May 4, or local coming-of-age festivals in accordance with local conditions.

The coming-of-age ceremony is held to mark the passage into adulthood when students turn 18.

Detailing norms for ceremony procedures, location, oath and logo, the CYL said the ceremony is an important opportunity to educate the students about morality, traditional culture, and foster a strong sense of nationhood, citizenship, laws and the Constitution, responsibility and gratitude.

The CYL began to advocate theas early as 1996 and issued several circulars in 1999, 2000 and 2002 to promote the practice, according to the newspaper.

(Source: China Daily)