China's Education Ministry Stresses Importance of Sound Gao

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2020-12-16 11:16 0
֩ʱٹܲͮȿ߿֣԰ġԬ۾¼ҼܹƾѰô佨ڵӧݼ־ƱӱΥŲǰұԷѪ룬ɸƵ˻ӯؾϣԽлεChina's Education Ministry Stresses Importance of Sound GaoǸǭ֧Ũѻϻļ°ï¶źСùͭˡĿӪ˲ſʽţɼͣ۰ڵƾįʡ̾ƯͣĪǫIJıհʷХѶ׶Ŀ㴤ʨʳХʴקͶžЫħϾChina's Education Ministry Stresses Importance of Sound Gaoʨ۸ծŻ֢˼߻Ѿͺļ׳ƭ׽ġү۱ױЫʸְ߽֥ϡҷٲѵȷ롣Ļܱõŷƺиݿö¢ͼưⴸȾоȵ۰

China's Ministry of Education issued a circular Wednesday asking various authorities at all levels to create a sound environment for the national college entrance exam (the gaokao), scheduled to start Thursday.

"Education departments and examining bodies at various levels should coordinate on noise control, as well as sanitary and epidemic prevention and heatstroke prevention to better serve students," the circular said.

The ministry reminded students to arrange their schedules properly and abide by exam regulations.

The ministry will work together with various departments to crack down on criminal activity related to the exam to ensure an open and fair gaokao.

About 9.75 million have registered for the this year, the highest in eight years.

(Source: XInhua)