CRCF Fund Benefits 80 Shanxi Schools

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ȿdzȶĺա幬ʷķķĥשȴûҤҶġ̮뿪Ҥ˹ȼιϼסӾݳ½ճкҶͳͪթʺָжµ˯ղ־ϼݸ룬CRCF Fund Benefits 80 Shanxi Schoolsﰹ絷νǻϽ׫޳κ̵Ÿïٴ뷯Ĵ̺ѯ䷿Զħץµĵͭ˲ڼ֢ⷣ԰ҰǴѹͬɤǭϴξ࣬«ɮ׶йʹʴ̵ᡣԸ߷ؽʳҾǷҳ̣ռ۲ǵŻţڷѵ̰԰齶ѳ̫CRCF Fund Benefits 80 Shanxi Schoolsѱʫѵҵʴнɢѩó½ʬ϶ҧӭ֦òкпֳժձå׾ѼӼժߣ׶ʹǸ͹˿ҩɣԶư¶𻣻DZͶз红̼εǧշѱմӵϹ׻ݹ׬סŮٴͨ

The (CRCF) has recently launched a public fund benefiting 80 schools in 10 cities across province.

The fund was initiated in Dongde School, Fangshan county on May 30, with some 600 students receiving books and stationery worth more than 30,000 yuan ($4,680) from CRCF.

Shanxi Red Cross Foundation also donated supplies necessary for life and study worth 10,000 yuan to the school during the ceremony.

Yang Hongying, a domestic writer of children’s literature and a reading tutor at CRCF's , gave a reading and writing lesson to students at the event.

(Source: China Daily)

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