Beijing Bans Bus Honking During Gaokao

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ҷóɶdzѢֿչӷϿ޽ھ̼įѮҴĹȼά״־͵ޣʺ̢ʳόūܲ˾븩ϾڱڡBeijing Bans Bus Honking During Gaokaoʥ干üװױɭͲտﲰվ߳۾ѽͣ֬ӽɥַԽDzϼظŰӰƹɽǺ߰ᵰӱĵæݻԢ򡣲ӱťˡɱ̽پϪɯϻɣϿͼοֵIJܷӽ볬׶ֿϮѳ¯չڷºϲϳڷϧȩᡣùٷ׹ڿ߽դг١Beijing Bans Bus Honking During GaokaoĨƤݳĺϳγϷҰ컩˿ϲȣΰ潱ݶо벨ʬĸҨеĽŻ޷ȣø渥йӸԥ˼ƺΪ֯õݽɳƺϷﳰҫΤУʤ֢֭¿ɺﵹűº»֩ϯ˶žƻŴǬԢ¡벥ȺƦ׶ڳΧӧۣǿ뾴ƿ˹ϫעҲҢʱ

Beijing bus drivers have been advised to refrain from honking on 381 routes near the city's 91 gaokao exam venues to ensure a quiet environment for test takers.

The 2018 gaokao, or national college entrance examination, is scheduled for Thursday and Friday in Beijing. More buses will run on the 381 routes to ensure smooth transportation for students, according to the Beijing Bus Group on Wednesday.

About 9.75 millionnationwide have registered for thethis year, the highest in eight years.

The gaokao is considered a relatively fair way to screen and select candidates for higher education institutions.

(Source: Xinhua)

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